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Actor - Singer - Dancer  
Character Performer & Choreographer

Scaramouche in We Will Rock You


I am based in Orlando, FL, but I was born and raised in Nashville, TN. I grew up in dance classes and found my love for theatre at age 10 when I was cast as Dorothy Gale in a school prodution of The Wizard of Oz. I now perform professionally as I explore the regional circuit, while also training in my new-found passion of the aerial arts and working as a character performer with Dreams Do Come True.

There is nothing I love more than seeing the impact that the arts have on audiences of all ages. I am very invested in leadership and working with young theatre students. It brings me so much joy to be in teaching/director positions that I so admired when I was a child. I continue to learn more about the world and my own experiences every day. 

Some of my other hobbies/passions include: portrait photography, silks/lyra/burlesque, supporting local theatres, social media management, fashion (thrifting & revamping vintage styles), and theatre education.


I have returned from Key West, FL after playing Sherrie in Rock of Ages. I am now doing Rock of Ages with Victory Productions in Orlando, FL covering Sherrie and Waitress #1 as well as choreographing and assistant directing a production of Freaky Friday at AAFA in Titusville, FL. 

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“Sherrie is played by Sarah McKinney who like so many of her co-stars has a remarkable singing voice but what McKinney also brings to the show is strong acting. Sherrie goes through one of biggest character transformations and McKinney carries the journey in her actions throughout the show”

— Emily Berg (Konk Life) on Rock of Ages (Waterfront Playhouse)

Sherrie in Rock of Ages

"Standouts include, but are not limited to, Sarah McKinney as Sherrie (yes, the girl immortalized in 1984 by rocker Steve Perry)..."

— Amy Patton (Keys Weekly) on Rock of Ages (Waterfront Playhouse)



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